Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let Go or Be Dragged

One of the thing which has happened for me since my kids were born is the gradual evolution from "who I used to be" to "who I am". Like all transitions, it's often small things, silent in their nature which combine to signify the change.

I realized in conversation with Nancy a couple of months ago that I'd not ridden a dirt bike in so long I couldn't remember the last time tires touched dirt. Never intentional, wasn't taking a respite or anything, just didn't fit with the lifestyle of having two small children, working a lot and just not having a lot of free time.

Nancy's supportive of my continuing to ride in some capacity (probably couldn't roadrace again, since the commitment there is huge), but it'd just dropped off.

Startling realization, since prior to moving to Virginia I'd been riding several times a week, including one day a week where I left work early to ride motocross under the lights.

Building on that, I've sold the truck and my commuter (Scion) and bought a Subaru WRX. Plan is to get a trailer and use that to get the bike(s) around, so I should still be able to ride sometimes. As a friend has already noted ... I'm on a slippery slope!

Let's see if tire can touch dirt in 2009!


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