Sunday, February 10, 2008


Have been thinking a bit lately about responsibility, especially as it relates to digital media. I'd spent about a year using soulseek extensively, and managed to find a ton of great (old) punk which never made the transition from vinyl to CD.

It became somewhat cyclical.... I'd troll around, find a record that I'd completely forgotten about like old metalcore records from Canada (i.e. Sudden Impact's "No Rest for the Wicked") and be psyched to relive musical experiences from years ago.

In the end, there's something unsatisfying for me about completely digital media. I still get a kick out of looking at a CD (or vinyl) and having the full package -- artwork, liner notes, etc.

Ended up buying about 50 CD's (mostly used, and most for <$2.00) at Ameoba last weekend while visiting family in the Bay Area. A new stash of loot to dig through!

Mailordered more Destroyer records yesterday, so looks like I'm back to buying my music. Something enormously more satisfying about holding actual media I guess.


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