Saturday, August 23, 2008


Was one of the legions who picked up a iPhone 3G after they were released. Generally, pretty happy with it. Think it's great for reading (email / web) but crap for typing. Still find the blackberry better for typing, though it's lousy for anything else.

Also a bit disappointed my car stereo didn't recognize it as an ipod. It's been finicky in the past (i.e. didn't recognize a first gen nano either), so can't be too surprised. With the commuting I do (~30 miles each way), I consume a lot of podcasts.

I've been following the App Store with some interest, since it holds a lot of promise. Favorite apps so far ... Twitterific , facebook , twittervision (which can be totally fascinating), and the ign game reviews.

Update :: Firmware upgrade on my car stereo, and the iPhone is an iPod to it. Nice. Add the wireless podcast syncing, and I'm stoked. As I said to someone else, it's Tivo for the radio! (Especially nice when you have a long(ish) commute.


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