Saturday, August 30, 2008

1989 revisited!

Interesting week, as I've had a number of old, old friends come back in contact. It's been especially interesting as I think about the contrasts from when I was a 19 year old punk floating around WITR with Lucien in Rochester, going up to visit Shauna in Manhattan and buy Doc Martens on St Marks..... crazy times.

Think the thing most poignant about all of it is how different things are now (which certainly isn't a bad thing). I'm about a million miles removed from almost everything I did then into new (and entirely different) activities now.

Crazy how life evolves in a way you couldn't plan or predict. My weekends now are chasing children through county fairs , riding motorcycles, playing xbox after everyone is asleep and fiddling with photography, computers and all the other things which have been consistent the whole time.

It's a wonderful life indeed!


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