Saturday, June 30, 2007

where does all the time go?

It's amazing to me how I seem to have no time, anytime. I remember thinking when I moved from San Francisco to Purcellville (i.e. 2 stoplights... one of which was blinking when we landed here) that I'd have a ton of time to do things I couldn't find time for in San Francisco... like do more perl etc.

Haven't posted on this in six months. Like so many things, that was an extremely short lived effort -- like a week.

Thinking again that I should ramp this up -- especially for the shoutcast streams. When people (i.e. Alternative Tentacles this week) send me promos of stuff that's more than just listenable (but actually great, like the EAT and MENTALLY ILL promos they swung my way)... it's unfortunate that I don't have a proper platform to give them props.

Lord knows the site could use a facelift -- what's there was temporary two years ago, it certainly shows...